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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you check your spam/junk folder of your email
No, you can add and remove as many supporters as you see fit
There are two options of providing PerSoN with your progress.
  • By downloading the app, you will also have access to the PerSoN widget with the two options of “I smoked” and “I resisted”. These results will be shown under the Patient progress report
  • You can manually go into the Patient Progress Report option under the Progress Report Menu option and enter your data under the Edit option highlighted in purple.
Yes, you can choose from your list of circle supporters and send them the contents of your wall.
Yes, as of right now, the library is free of charge.
No, this jar cannot be edited. You will be able to see the results of your smoking habit depicted clearly on this diagram by the data you put in regarding your recent smoking habits.
You’re welcome to choose from as many reasons as possible to want to stop smoking!
Yes, you will be able to invite new members using the steps provided in the user manual at any time after downloading the app.
Yes, you will be able to change these dates. Click on Goal Settings under the Menu bar and then select Edit to make your changes.
Yes, you can go back and change the information listed on your profile under Edit profile option at any time.
Click on the little Calendar icon on the Journal section of the menu bar and that should take you to your journals according to date recorded.